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Ed and Veronica Hoffman - We wanted to thank you for your knowledge, professionalism, patience and for your genuine attentiveness to meeting our needs. But most of all, thank you for really getting to know Mia! You have made a tremendous difference for us and we have really enjoyed our training sessions!

Robert and Meredith Healey - My wife and I adopted Maya from animal control after she was surrendered for behavior issues. We had attempted to engage a previous trainer who was unable to help us. Sally was our last hope, and she used a firm and gentle manner to train Maya and provide guidance to my wife and me. Maya now walks beside us. She listens when we give commands. I work in an animal hospital and I highly recommend Sally to anyone who needs a professional trainer who is easy to work with.

Bob and Melissa Watts - Mary Alice has completely turned around these last few weeks...amazing! Before we met you, we thought that she was a hopeless case and were prepared to send her back to her breeder. She had "accidents" nearly every day, chewed up priceless antiques and was wreaking havoc! You helped us understand "pack mentality". You made great accommodations for us and we are truly grateful! You are a very professional lady and we truly respect your ability to transform a dog

Pat and Tim Ezzell - The great thing about Dog Training In Your Home is that it allows you to work with your dog in the place where he lives. It also allows all of the family to learn the corrections. Sally was an excellent trainer and worked well with our entire family. She was also very courteous, prompt and considerate of our time and our home.

Kathy Andre - Sophie is a different dog since you have come to help. She is more responsive and seems to understand what I am wanting from her. I have truly enjoyed your help and feel confident I can continue with her training with the tools you have provided. I really do appreciate all you have done and know it was well worth the money. I would recommend your services.

Tony and Margaret Kellam - We can truly recommend DTIYH to any dog owner who wants to experience real results in training their dog. Having Sally come to our home and custom-tailor our program to our Chow Chow, Griffin, was far beyond any other training we'd had or looked into in Knoxville. Sally helped us in many areas of training specific to our dog's temperament and learning style. Griffin has mastered things we never dreamed he'd do. It has positively been a great investment for us and for our dog!

Ellie Moses and Janet Buckner - The thing that impresses both of us is how much the training has improved the quality of our lives not just with Casey but generally in ways we didn't expect. Working with him on specific tasks has made so many things easier that weren't specific targets. We use the skills we learned many times every day. The bottom line is that this was a fantastic, enjoyable, wonderfully challenging and ultimately amazing and fun experience. It was worth every penny!

Joyce Huskey - I just wanted to let you know how Katie is doing...Today was the first time ever that we walked about 2 miles and she did not attempt to pull me one time. She stayed by my side, she did turns perfectly and even did the auto sit when stopping. I was so proud of her. Thank you for helping us.

Tom and Mary Carroll Roberts - McKenzie says to say "Hello" to you...She is such a good natured dog...such a great fit for us two old fogies....I think the early training with you is the reason she is such a good pet...Thank you for your expert assistance.

Tony and Joy Newton - The emergency come works. Cesar took off after a neighborhood stray, right through the electronic fence, for the first time. We used the emergency come and the dog came running back. Needless to say, we were thrilled! Good job.

Stephanie Welch - I highly recommend Sally Hummel and DTIYH. My experience with the "Family Companion Dog" program far exceeded my expectations. Sally made sure my goals were achieved. After working with Sally, I can walk Suttree on his leash, watch a movie without having him bark and jump all over me, and let him run on the horse farm, off leash, and know he will come when I call him. When I bring him to Market Square, people stop to comment on how well-behaved he is.

Cheryl Lyons - I was very impressed from the beginning how quickly and professionally my request for a consultation was handled...Sally gave us tools we will use for a lifetime to help us provide a balanced home life for our beautiful, but high-strung boxer, Titan. We learned to "speak dog" and how to become leaders with our dog. My 8 year old daughter uses the techniques and is able to produce the desired result from him. I highly recommend Sally. She never hesitated to go above and beyond.

Travis and Marnie Moine - We wanted to say thank you for all of your help with've given us the dog we've always wanted...She's a happier dog...She loves doing the tricks and we have so much fun with them also! The group classes and follow-up calls with you are just the icing on the cake.

Mavis Bailey - (Text mssg a few days after the first lesson) Just wanted to say thanks again. Only 1 nip so far today and we've been practicing commands. He's been like a different critter all day! Much calmer! Wow!!

Kristi Bustamante - (From an email a few days after the first lesson) My husband has commented twice, on his own, how better the dogs are in the house. Needless to say, it's going well. Thank you so much for the help with Rossi and Ellie. Not only are they doing well and my husband happier to have them around, I'm reconnecting with the neighbors as I work with the dogs around the block each day. Who knew all the good that would come of this!

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